Get the Most from Microsoft Teams PSTN 

Organizations already heavily reliant on Teams for its collaboration and communication capabilities are using either Phone System, Operator Connect or Direct Routing functionality for PSTN connectivity.

But to get the most from Teams, there are two questions to be answered: 

  1. Are you using the right Teams PSTN set up to meet your organization’s needs?
  2. Do you have complete visibility into every part of Teams that makes phone calls possible to ensure quality service delivery?
After all, making a call from Teams involves client hardware, a Teams client, Internet connectivity, the services that make up Teams, your PBXs and SBCs, and potentially partner vendors. Each of these has the potential to impact your Teams PSTN functionality, further impacting your organization’s productivity.

So, which Teams PSTN set up is right for your organization and how can you gain complete visibility across all its disparate parts?

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Michael Burrell
Unified Communications Director
Orange Business Services
Evan Zaleschuk
Cloud Solution Architect

Nick Cavalancia
Microsoft MVP & CEO
Conversation Geek

Looking for full visibility and control of the Microsoft Teams telephony user experience?