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Guaranteeing Microsoft 365 Service Delivery

When the SLA becomes an Experience Level Agreement

Thursday, March 11th
10 AM ET | 4 PM CET
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Microsoft has long held to their 99.9% service uptime SLA for as long as Microsoft 365 has been around. And while the SLA does provide some form of remediation monetarily when services go out for a prolonged period of time, it does little to help internal IT teams tasked with keeping users productive. 

But Microsoft 365 has become the new virtual ‘office for many organizations, where even the slightest dip in service quality can impact Teams calls, accessing email or needed documents, or keep workgroups from collaborating.

To add to the complexity, as users are literally working from anywhere, it’s not always Microsoft that’s to blame. Even so, organizations are now looking to ensure the user’s experience with Microsoft 365 be consistent, with mature organizations thinking along the lines of an Experience Level Agreement. 

So, what is an experience level agreement and how do you measure it against Microsoft 365? 

Get the answers from Microsoft MVP, Nick Cavalancia, and Martello VP of Product Management Rob Doucette, as they discuss: 

  • Experience Level Agreement Basics: Why organizations are ditching the SLA for an experience level agreement in the cloud 
  • Why an Microsoft 365 experience level agreement is a better choice than an SLA 
  • How can you practically measure and maintain an experience level agreement with Microsoft 365 


Nick Cavalancia
Technical Evangelist, Microsoft MVP, & CEO
Conversational Geek

Rob Doucette
VP Product Management
Martello Technologies


Olivier Raynaut
VP of Client Delivery
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Rob Doucette
VP of Product Management
Martello Technologies

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VP of Sales EMEA & APAC
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