Martello Webinar

Elevating Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Evolving From Licenses & Installs to End-to-End Service Delivery

Thursday, April 29th
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The challenge with offering your customers services around Microsoft 365 is once you’ve helped with migrations and licensing, some provisioning, ongoing management, and some standardized Office client installs, there’s little more that seems to be within your control where you can provide value.

If a customer has an issue with any part of Microsoft 365, MSPs just don’t have the visibility to identify the root cause, let alone respond to and remediate the problem. Most of the time, it’s little more than checking Microsoft’s Service Health status to see if Microsoft knows it’s having a problem.

But there actually are ways to provide better service delivery of Microsoft 365, which can improve customer satisfaction, reduce response times to issues, create additional streams of revenue, and differentiate you from your competitors.

So, what’s possible and how can you create a service offering around it?

In this educational webcast, join former MSP owner and Microsoft MVP, Nick Cavalancia, along with Jean-François Piot from Martello, as they look at the MSP challenge of providing Microsoft 365 managed services.
Topics will include:

  • What makes up a predictable and profitable Microsoft 365 service model
  • Why a lack of Microsoft 365 visibility is the MSPs worst enemy
  • The value of adding Service Level Management
  • How MSPs can augment existing Microsoft 365 offerings to include end-to-end service delivery


Nick Cavalancia
Technical Evangelist, Microsoft MVP, & CEO
Conversational Geek

Jean-François Piot
VP Partnerships
Martello Technologies


Olivier Raynaut
VP of Client Delivery
Martello Technologies

Rob Doucette
VP of Product Management
Martello Technologies

Yannick Goubet
VP of Sales EMEA & APAC
Martello Technologies