Martello Joins Microsoft Global Solutions Alliance Program

Microsoft Teams has become mission-critical for businesses to compete in the modern workplace. Martello offers digital experience monitoring designed specifically for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 applications, and has joined Microsoft's elite partner program to bring its customers and partners actionable data on the performance and user experience of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.
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He ordered his regular breakfast. Two eggs sunnyside up, hash browns, and two strips of bacon. He continued to look at the menu wondering if this would be the day he added something new.

Today’s hybrid workforce relies on Microsoft Teams to stay connected and productive and Martello offers a digital experience monitoring solution that helps our customers and partners deliver the best possible Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams user experience

Suzanne Gagliese, VP, Global Partner Solutions
Microsoft Canada

Expert Report: Martello Powers Microsoft 365 Service Excellence

In a world of competing demands and limited resources, it’s not always easy to cut through the clutter of good investment options. With an increasing business reliance on Microsoft 365, it has never been more critical to put IT firmly in control of the Microsoft user experience.

In this value-packed resource find out:
  • Why Microsoft 365 monitoring has never been more critical for organizations.
  • How you should be thinking about Microsoft 365 service quality management for end-users.
  • The potential cost savings and qualitative gains of investing in DEM for Microsoft 365.



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