The business case for IT end-to-end observability and control

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Combining Martello iQ and Gizmo provides an end-user perspective with actionable context. Martello DEM puts IT in control of the Microsoft 365 user experience, delivering significant cost savings and productivity gains.

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The case for Martello is clear. The quantitative savings and qualitative benefits argue that implementing this DEM solution makes more sense than continuing to accept “Microsoft is down” as a substitute for outstanding service.
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Expert Report: Martello Powers Microsoft 365 Service Excellence

In a world of competing demands and limited resources, it’s not always easy to cut through the clutter of good investment options. With an increasing business reliance on Microsoft 365, it has never been more critical to put IT firmly in control of the Microsoft user experience.

In this value-packed resource find out:
  • Why Microsoft 365 monitoring has never been more critical for organizations.
  • How you should be thinking about Microsoft 365 service quality management for end-users.
  • The potential cost savings and qualitative gains of investing in DEM for Microsoft 365.

Martello Announces Integrated DEM Solution as New Report from Research Firm EMA Offers Business Case for Martello DEM  

Teaming Martello iQ and Gizmo Microsoft 365 monitoring gives businesses the ability to know, understand and act on Microsoft 365 performance and availability by combining insight into the end-user experience with actionable context about the user’s IT and network environment.

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