of the blame for problems with Microsoft Teams typically lies somewhere other than Microsoft.

Manage Every Obstacle on the Road to Microsoft SharePoint Service Reliability


Monitor the user experience of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to prioritize where IT needs to fix potential bottlenecks to get maximum ROI of their Microsoft investment.

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Connect detection data with network path analysis coupled with your existing infrastructure and monitoring data to fully understand where the problems are and who owns them.

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Correlate all monitoring events related to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 services into meaningful incidents ready to be qualified, prioritized and assigned to the right team. 

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Sharepoint Performance Monitoring

SharePoint Performance Monitoring

Ensure end to end performance and user satisfaction at all times.

  • Troubleshoot Any Microsoft SharePoint Issue
  • 24/7 Microsoft SharePoint Online Digital Experience Monitoring
  • Monitor the Entire Microsoft 365 Stack

Why Choose Martello Vantage for Microsoft SharePoint Monitoring?

Martello Vantage DX continuously tests SharePoint online services from any critical location and enables IT to correlate its performance test results with their existing infrastructure and network monitoring data for full visibility into the entire service delivery.

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