How to troubleshoot and improve the Microsoft Office 365 problems

It’s the backbone of many organizations, where conference calls, meetings, collaboration, and sharing all take place. This dependency makes it a critical application, that means it's users require it to perform well and perform consistently.

For most Microsoft Office 365 applications, monitoring performance of a service like Exchange Online revolves around focusing on Exchange-related services, logs, and more. Whereas, ensuring Microsoft Teams performance is a bit more complex – one may prove to be impossible with the native tools. Make sure you are equipped with the resources to troubleshoot all your Microsoft Office 365 performance issues.

In this eBook, we will:

  • Look at the components that make up Microsoft Teams,
  • See how each component can contribute to service issues and performance degradation,
  • Discuss ways you can gain the visibility needed to isolate the source of Teams performance issues.

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