Microsoft Teams Operator Connect or Direct Routing Ebook Cover

Get the most from Microsoft Teams Phone

Organizations already heavily reliant on Teams for its collaboration and communication capabilities are using either Phone System, Operator Connect or Direct Routing functionality for PSTN connectivity. 

But to get the most from Teams, there are two questions to be answered:  

  1. Are you using the right Teams PSTN set up to meet your organization’s needs? 
  2. Do you have complete visibility into every element that makes Teams phone calls possible to ensure quality service delivery? 

Without a solution to provide the needed context and insight, IT teams are flying blind and hoping for the best when it comes to Teams performance.  

This eBook will dive into: 

  • Which Teams PSTN set up is best for your business
  • Why Microsoft Teams calling adds complexity that leaves IT in the dark. 
  • Where service delivery can fail – a look at sources of issues beyond Microsoft. 
  • How to turn Microsoft call data into actionable insight.

Ready to talk about how to properly monitor the quality of your Teams setup?