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Ensuring Teams Performance when it's OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange Under The Hood
By Nick Cavalancia, Microsoft MV

Over the past few months Microsoft Teams

has risen to rock star status.

It has become the backbone of many organizations, where conference calls, meetings, collaboration, and sharing all take place. This dependency makes it a critical application that requires consistent optimal performance to effectively maintain user productivity.

For most Microsoft 365 applications, monitoring performance of a service like Exchange Online revolves around Exchange-related services, logs, etc. With Teams however, ensuring optimal performance proves to be a more complex task, and even more so when utilizing native tools.

In this eBook, we will:

  • Look at the components that make up Microsoft Teams
  • See how each component can contribute to service issues and performance degradation
  • Discuss ways you can gain the visibility needed to isolate the source of Teams performance issues.

Find out how to ensure Teams performance when it's OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange Under the Hood.

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